(Discovery Digital Network, USA, Spain, 2015)

City Vérité is a series that illuminates the life and beauty of a city by capturing a series of breathtaking, intimate, and eye-catching moments from a single day. This episode is about Madrid and it was shot and edited on March 2015.

City Verité is part of the digital channel of Discovery Digital.Network.


(TALK PR, London, Spain, 2015)

Sermo Comunications was celebrating their 5th anniversary on July 2015 and needed a video that summed up those five years of success, as well as communicating their main values as a company focussed on luxury lifestyle


(One World Media.Cuba, UK, Spain, 2013)

Financed by a One World Media grant, MAMIS was filmed in Cuba in August 2013. The film explores how lesbians in Cuba have realized their dream to be mothers in a country where they are prohibited from having access to adoption or IVF techniques – but as MAMIS uncovers, in Cuba, there is often a way to get around the rules… 


                                                                        (London, UK, 2013)

How can Brixton and the nuances that make it up be portrayed?  Brixton is community. Brixton is Jamaica, Afghanistan, Ethiopia – a bit European,a bit Caribbean and a bit African. It smells of jerk chicken and Indian roti. Brixton is also music. But mostly,  Brixton is change: its dark past leads to a bright,  SOHO-stylish future. How can you describe Brixton to someone who has never been there? Perhaps the best way of showing this diversity is describing Brixton in all the different ways it could be described – in 5 minutes.
Notes about Brixton is the approach of someone who has never been there before: the filmmaker herself. 


                                                                                            (London, UK, 2013)

Doxa Productions needed to get funding in order to finish the post-production phase of their documentary film “Asier ETA biok” (Asier and Me). I joined the team as their crowdfunding consultant, creating and executing an online campaign in which donars felt as if they were actually part of the film’s crew. The campaign exceeded the goal significantly. The film has since won awards at the San Sebastian Film Festival and in many others International Film Festivals.


                                             (dir. Aitor y Amaia Merino. Doxa Porducciones, 2012)

Wouldn’t be great if education was about sharing knowledge with each others without the pressure of getting a diploma? Wouldn’t be great if young people didn’t have to start their lives without owing money to the bank?


A School With No Walls is the story of Free University of Brighton. This video was used by FUB as a self-promotion.


                                                              (Madrid, Spain, 2012)

When Todaunadama proposed me to help her with her idea of portraying English irregular verbs in a visual way, we were no more than twenty collaborators. Now there are more than a hundred and The Irregular Project is one of the most popular app at the Apple Store.

Here you have my “Eat”, one of my favourite verbs indeed.

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