(dir. Javier Moreno)

Spaniards in London is the first Spanish webseries made in United Kingdom

It is about the adventures of 4 people from more than 70.000 Spaniards who have emigrated to UK..They will have to start a new life, find a job, make new friends and learn a different language, whilst finding their feet in the big city.

This the 01x03.


(dir. Abraham López)

The first short film was nominated for a Goya (The Spanish Film Academy Awards). 

I´m part of the script department of the sequel of the movie - it is currently in production. 


(TVE, Spanish Public TV. Selecta Visión Productions)

Inventing time machines, jumping one thousand meters high or stealing balls from real children are some of the Clanner´s favourite things.


As a screenwriter for Clanners, one of my main responsibilities was inventing all kind of crazy situations in order to make the children have fun.

Clanners is broadcasted at the Spanish Public Television children’s channel, Clan TV. The show  was awarded “Best TV Series Character For Children” in 2012 at the “El Chupete” awards, the most important Spanish Children Communication Festival. .


(Luis Madrid)

The Indian legend “Ramayana” said that the Palk Strait, which links India with Sri Lanka, was actually built by Prince Rama. Rama made it in order to save his beloved Princess Sita from the evil God Ravana who had kidnapped her. In 2012, the legend became true when the NASA published some pictures that showed that this Strait could actually have been built by human beings.


How could someone miss the chance of adapting that great Hindu epics to a short film script? Certainly, I couldn´t.

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